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Our Products

We believe specialization is the key of success, therefore, we have been focusing into South East Asia fresh products for more than 30 years. It makes us an expert and one of the largest South East Asia fresh produces importer in Hong Kong. Every year, we have imported more than 2000 containers of different fresh produces and supplied to our customers. 


We have gone to direct sourcing of fruits and vegetables for more than 20 years. All of our products are dircetly source from the farm. Also, we have developed our own brand to ensure the products we sell reach the quality standard. 


We have our partners in Thailand own durian, pomelo, mangoes and a vegetable packing house, and we are currently importing more than 700 containers to Hong Kong every year.


We have been importing different products from China, and we have our own cold storage in Shenzhen which can store more than 10 containers of products that can stable the supply for our clients. 


Moreover, we have our partners in China who own a Chinese Fuji packing house that export more than 1500 containers every years and whole year round, which make us one of the largest Chinese Fuji supplier in Hong Kong.


We have been in a business relationship with our Taiwan supplier more than 15 years. We have container arrival every week which keep our products fresh and can source all of the fresh produces over Taiwan.

Besides, we have been importing fruits all over South East Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines . We have been supplying Vietnam dragon fruit and Filipinos mangoes to supermarket for more than 10 years. 

Want to be part of our supply chain or interested in our fruits? 

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