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Our Global Network

We understand the importance of quality and consistency of fresh produces supplying. Therefore, we have set up related companies to control these aspects and strengthen our supply chains over the years.


Hyang Jin Shing Thai is a packing house exporting apples and pears base in Yin Tai, China. The company exports more than 1500 40ft containers of apples and pears to worldwide, such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and The States.


Century Global Pte Ltd is a trading company of importing and exporting agricultural products based in Singapore. The company supplies agricultural products to different sectors. They have rich supplies of network span throughout Southeast Asia regions extending all the way to Korea and many other parts of the world such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, Israel, America and even Africa.  



Sang Thai Company Ltd is a trading company importing and exporting agricultural products based in Thailand. The company owns a cold storage and packing house in Talaad Thai. They export more than 400 containers of Durian every year. In addition, the company imports fresh produce from worldwide and supplies agricultural products to supermarket, such as Tops supermarket.

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