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Our Service

We provide marketing plan and event for our clients to increase the competitiveness in the market. 

Aeon Thaifood Fair

We have been co-organizing TP x Thaifood Fair with Aeon for more than 20 years. When the tropical season started, we always introduce different kinds of usual and rare Thailand fresh produces to Hong Kong. For example, typical Thailand's fruit such as durian, pomelos, mangoes and Thailand's Vegetables such as okra, baby corns and prepack curry ingredients.

Wellcome Thai Festival

We have been co-operating with Wellcome more than 10 years during tropical season. We have our counters in more than 50 stores and promote different Thailand fresh produces. 

Apita Thailand Festival

We have been co-organizing TP x Thailand Festival with Apita for more than 15 years. During tropical season, we will import different kinds of Thai fresh produces to the public.

Wellcome Taiwan Fair

We will organize Taiwan Fair to promote the fruit in Taiwan. Also, we will organize different promotion events to increase the traffic such as food sampling and distributing flyers. 

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